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CBD crystals: how to choose them?

cbd crystals

The use of CBD has become more widespread in recent years. Derived from hemp, this cannabinoid is appreciated for its many virtues and is often consumed in the form of CBDoil or flowers. In these products, the cannabidiol content rarely exceeds 30%. However, there is a much more concentrated form of cannabidiol: the CBD crystals.

With a concentration of between 95 and 99% cannabidiol, the crystals are of incomparable purity. But what is CBD crystal, where does it come from and how is it made? Thanks to this article, discover all the information about this product, its effects and uses, in order to choose the best CBD crystals!

What are CBD crystals?

The CBD  crystals are made from hemp or cannabis flowers. However, even when extracted from cannabis plants, the CBD crystals does not contain more than 0.2% THC, and therefore has no psychotropic effects. CBD isolate complies with the law and is not considered a narcotic product.

The flowers undergo a special extraction process that removes almost all other cannabinoids and terpenes present. The result is a crystalline powder similar to powdered sugar: the CBD crystals. These are cannabidiol with a purity of up to 99%.

This product is particularly concentrated, 4 to 5 times more than traditional CBD oils and flowers. This means that only a small amount is needed to feel the effects. This makes it the most economical way to consume cannabidiol.

Unlike flowers CBD concentrate has no taste or smell and is therefore ideal for those who do not like the taste of hemp. Although their crystalline form and white powdery appearance may suggest a synthetic product CBD crystalsare actually made from the hemp or cannabis plant. It is a vegetable product and 100% natural.

How are CBD crystals made?

To achieve near-perfect purity, cannabidiol has to go through a long process involving several steps. This process is more complex than extracting CBD oil and requires more expensive equipment.

The hemp or cannabis plant undergoes a first extraction, by CO2 or Buthanol, to separate the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant material. The CO2 method is the most common, as it is the safest and most natural. CO2 is a neutral, non-polluting and non-toxic solvent. It preserves the integrity of the molecules while effectively isolating the cannabidiol.

After this first extraction, hemp oil is obtained, but some plant matter such as chlorophyll is still present. The oil is therefore subjected to a further purification stage: it is washed with hexane and acetic acid. The product then undergoes a process called winterisation, which separates the lipids, waxes and fats, and removes the plant particles and impurities. 

The chemicals must then be removed using a method called chromatography. After that, a process of separation of the cannabinoids with other chemicals is carried out. Finally, these last chemicals must be removed by distillation.

When all impurities and solvents are removed, 99% pure CBD crystals are obtained. 99% pure CBD crystals. These are tested in the laboratory to ensure the purity and quality of the extracted crystals.

cbd crystals

CBD crystals: their effects

The purest form of cannabidiol consumption, the CBD crystals  have more potent effects than flowers and oil. However, the nature of the effects experienced does not change. The benefits experienced when using this concentrated product are the same as for all CBD products.

Thus, consuming CBD crystalscan relax muscles, reduce stress and anxiety, and soothe certain pains and skin irritations. The CBD powder has anti-inflammatory properties, improves the quality of sleep by helping you fall asleep and is useful in the treatment of certain addictions.

It is a particularly concentrated product that can be mixed to make its own products. Only a small amount of CBD crystals is needed to feel the effects and it is easy to adjust the amount to your needs, which is an advantage over other forms of cannabidiol.

How to consume CBD crystals?

CBD isolate is a versatile product that can be consumed in many ways. You can choose to smoke CBD in crystal or prefer to ingest it. Depending on the method used to consume the crystalsthe effects are felt more or less quickly. Discover the different techniques for using CBD concentrate.


This is a particularly effective method of experiencing the effects of cannabidiol almost instantly. To "dabble" in CBD crystals, you need a specific dabbing material made of ceramic. A small amount of crystals is placed on it and heated with the help of a slug. You then inhale the white smoke produced by the combustion, in the same way as for the CBD wax.

Smoking CBD in crystal through dabbing may seem complex at first. It takes some practice to master this technique.


This method is similar to dabbing, but the equipment used differs. A specially designed crystal vaporizer is used, into which the CBD powder is placed . It is then heated and vaporised. The advantage is that there is no combustion, which is harmful to the lungs.

Sublingual method

This is the simplest technique. It involves placing a small amount of CBD crystals under the tongue. They dissolve in 60 to 90 seconds and quickly enter the bloodstream through the mucous membranes. The effects are therefore almost immediate.

Mixed with e-liquid

cbd crystals vape use

How to make e-liquid with CBD crystals? It's pretty simple. Just dissolve a little in electronic cigarette liquid and make sure you mix well. To help dissolve, you can heat the e-liquid slightly, to around 60ºC. The e-liquid with CBD crystalscan be consumed with your electronic cigarette in the usual way.

In the kitchen

The CBD crystals can easily be added to your drinks and food, as long as they are not heated above 160ºC. You can incorporateCBD isolate into your recipes, especially with fats such as oil and butter, or sprinkle it directly onto your dishes. By consuming the crystals in this way,the effects are felt 2 to 3 hours after ingestion, but last longer.

In creams, balms or body oils

You can add CBD crystals to your creams, balms or body oils to create your own cannabidiol product. This way you can enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol on the skin. Using CBD crystals locally relieves certain skin problems such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Applied by massage, yourCBD isolate  product allows for muscle relaxation and reduces pain and inflammation.

How to choose the best CBD crystals?

There are two types ofproducts, differentiated by their spectrum. They can be CBD crystals, i.e. extracted with other cannabinoidsor isolated.

In the case of an isolated spectrum, only cannabidiol is present in the crystals. This is called anisolate. The CBD crystals  allow you to take advantage of all the properties of the hemp variety used, while CBD isolates enhance certain effects and result in a faster onset of action.

In addition, all brands of CBD concentrate are not all the same. To make sure you are buying crystals a few elements are to be taken into account.

It is advisable to choose organic products to avoid chemical and toxic substances. Look at the label to check the origin of the product: prefer CBD crystals with the CE marking, a sign that it has been produced in Europe, in compliance with legislation. Check that the THC content is less than 0.2%, as well as the extraction method used: the CO2 method is safer.

Also look at the certificates of analysis which indicate the cannabidiol concentration of the product, which can vary from 95 to 99%. Finally, read the reviews left by consumers on platforms selling CBD crystalsto get an idea of the quality of the products.

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