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CBD oil: the beauty secret of your hair

CBD oil in hair care

CBD oil is used for its many benefits. Indeed, if it is consumed orally or pulmonary, CBD oil can also be used as a cosmetic. 

In particular, as a solution to enhance the beauty of your hair.

When to use CBD oil for hair

CBD oil can be used for many different reasons, but here are the main reasons why CBD oil promotes beautiful hair.

Dry and irritated scalp

Sometimes the scalp is naturally dry. In this case, it should be well moisturised. It can also be irritated and dry due to water that is too hard, too chlorinated, too acidic or too hot. 

This causes itching and dandruff which is neither pleasant nor aesthetically pleasing.  The problem is that the more you scratch your head, the more intense the itching and the more dandruff appears.

Using CBD oil to apply to the roots of your hair is particularly helpful in breaking this vicious cycle. Indeed, CBD oil allows you to rehydrate your scalp in depth. This makes your skin less dry and reduces dandruff. 

CBD oil also has itching calming effects due to its anaesthetic effects. 

Reduce hair breakage

CBD oil is rich in fatty acids and trace elements that help to nourish the hair and prevent breakage when it is dry. Hair that is cared for with CBD oil is stronger, silkier and reflects light better. As it no longer breaks, they can also be longer and fuller.

Reduce hair loss

Fighting hair loss with CBD oilHair loss and alopecia can affect both men and women. It depends on their age, but in any case, it is a difficult stage in a person's life. CBD oil is said to help reduce hair loss. This is because the vitamin E in CBD is a powerful antioxidant that is believed to neutralise peroxide radicals.1 which promotes hair loss.

CBD is also a powerful anti-stress agent and therefore helps to limit anxiety-related hair loss.

How to use CBD oil for hair?

You can use CBD oil as a cosmetic in many ways for your hair wellness.

Mix the oil into your shampoo or mask

For regular hair care and prevention, you can add the equivalent of half a dropper of CBD oil to your shampoo or hair mask.

Apply it to the roots in case of irritated scalp

You can also benefit from the nourishing power of CBD oil by applying CBD oil directly to the roots of your hair if your scalp is dry.

Coat hands and apply to tips

For stunning hair you can apply CBD oil directly to the ends of your dry hair. This will make your hair look better than ever. 

Whether your hair is straight or curly, CBD oil provides nutrients that will help your hair gain volume. In the case of curly hair, CBD oil will give you beautiful wavy hair.

CBD oil on hair tips

Consuming CBD oil

Finally, the way we don't think of is to simply consume CBD oil orally. As we know, stress, anxiety and lack of sleep are the worst enemies of healthy hair. 

A person who is stressed and lacks sleep will at best have dandruff, and at worst, will gradually lose their hair earlier than expected. Regular consumption of CBD helps to fight against these hair loss factors

With all these methods of using CBD oil on your hair, you should have great hair!

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