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How to consume HHC?

Type of consumption HHC

How is HHC consumed?

Cannabis is much talked about, and here is a new trendy molecule that arrives on the market: HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol. Appreciated by consumers, its action would be powerful and similar to that of THC. Still unknown, it is in a legal limbo, which makes it authorized for sale. It appears then as a legal alternative to THC! You also want to enjoy its effects? Here is how you can consume it!

HHC oils: the fastest way to feel the effects

How HHC oils are made

To produce hexahydrocannabinol oils, manufacturers use a synthesis process of hydrogenation of cannabis extracts. They then obtain two forms of oils: HHC 9R and HHC 9S. They are distinguished by their capacity to bind on the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. The HHC 9R oil binds easily to CB1, unlike the 9S form.

The consumption of hexahydrocannabinol oil

There are several ways to consume the product:

  • By sublingual way: by depositing some drops under your tongue, you benefit from very intense and almost instantaneous effects.
  • By mouth: you can dilute the oil in your culinary preparations, dishes or drinks. The effects are then slightly delayed, since the product is subject to the rhythm of the digestive cycle.
  • In cutaneous application: it is possible to apply directly the oil on your skin.

The effects of oil

The effects of HHC seem to be much more intense than those of CBD, and would be comparable to those of THC.

The bioavailability of HHC oil is excellent: it passes quickly into the bloodstream, which optimizes the effects of the molecule. The power of action of the product varies according to its composition. The more concentrated it is in HHC 9R molecule, the more effective it is. Choose an oil with a higher or lower concentration of HHC 9R, depending on your needs. The benefits felt are multiple: reduction of pains, appeasement, reduction of stress, etc.

Choose flowers or HHC resins if you prefer to smoke it

HHC flowers and resins are a fun way to consume the product, enjoying milder effects than oil. Thanks to vaporizers, you can smoke the flowers or the resin without tobacco, via vaporization. By passing through the respiratory system, cannabinoids are quickly assimilated and provide many benefits: relaxation, stress reduction, mood improvement, etc.

You can also consume the flowers or resins in infusion, or integrate them into food preparations by mixing them with fats.

HHC gummies for a unique taste experience

More unusual, there are HHC gummies that are consumed orally, like candy! They are very appreciated for their format and their sweet taste. Practical, discreet and consumable at any time, they allow to easily measure the quantity of cannabinoid ingested. Their gourmet flavor and unique aromas make the experience particularly enjoyable! It's a way to indulge yourself while enjoying the beneficial effects of relaxation.

To consume HHC in all discretion, prefer HHC cartridges

The cartridge is in the form of a cylindrical glass vial containing a distillate of HHC oil. Attached to a vape pen, it allows you to inhale the product while vaping. The cartridges come in several flavors to make your use more enjoyable. Fruity, woody, sweet, you choose your favorite taste!

The cartridges are easy to use and carry, and vaping offers long-lasting and intense effects. The compact and minimalist format of the vapes pen gives you the opportunity to consume HHC discreetly, even on the move.

Use HHC with caution, especially the first time

HHC is a cannabinoid still mysterious whose effects have not been sufficiently studied scientifically. While it is certain that it provides physical and psychological benefits, it is necessary to consume it with caution, like any product derived from cannabis. When consuming it, be vigilant and careful:

  • Start with small doses, and increase very gradually the quantities of product.
  • When you first start using it, surround yourself with people you trust.
  • If you feel any signs of discomfort or unease, stop using.
  • Do not take HHC before driving or before activities that require your full attention.

HHC cannabis comes in a variety of formats and dosages, so you can start with milder products like flowers or gummies. Depending on your reaction to these substances and the effects you're looking for, you can try other ways of using and increase the dosage.

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