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How to consume CBD and in what quantity?

how to use cbd


There is a wide range of CBD-based products, in various forms. How and in what form should they be used and, above all, in what quantity? 

We can find on the market a wide range of CBD-based products available in many different forms: oils, flowers, food products, candies, e-liquids, capsules, creams, bath bombs, massage oils, etc. As you can see, there is something for everyone, the only thing is to know which method of administration suits you best.

You can find many CBD products in the form of oils diluted with hemp oil, creams or capsules, as CBD is a fat-soluble molecule. Since it dissolves well in fat, it is best to mix it with high-fat products such as oil, butter, soya milk or other products to get the full benefit of its effects.

Some explanations and tips on how to use our favourite products.

The oils 

bottle of oil Cannabis in pipette in hand, CBD cannabis OIL on white background, medical marijuana concept, close up, hemp product,
CBD oil

There are different types of oil, each with different properties and some can even be flavoured. We will focus on two types: pure oil and broad spectrum oil. Each of these two oils is generally available in different percentages of concentration. 

The main advantage of taking CBD in oil form is that it allows you to get the effects quickly while having control over the dosage. Oils can be consumed in three different ways. How are the oils consumed? You can dilute a few drops in a drink or apply it directly to the skin and massage it in with circular motions. For faster effects, you can put a few drops under your tongue. Remember to wait 30 seconds before swallowing. 

CBD oil has a rather strong taste, so if you don't like it, you might want to consider CBD capsules.

Capsules or softgels 

CBD softgels, cbd capsules

The capsules are very simple to take. Simply take one capsule with a glass of water three times a day (morning, noon, and evening). It does not matter whether you take it with a meal or not, it will not affect the effectiveness of Softgel. 

Thanks to their water-soluble formula, Softgels are 3 to 4 times more absorbable by the body than CBD oil. The various compounds in these capsules have many health and body benefits. The capsules can be combined with other compounds such as melatonin or curcumin to make the softgel even more effective and beneficial for the body.

The isolate 

CBD Pure Extract Isolat Premium CBD Pure 99.6% up

Isolate is a product with a high CBD concentration, as it has been isolated from all other materials (cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids). Isolate is usually found in powder form, which is itself derived from crystals obtained after extraction. Isolate can be used to adjust the amount of active ingredients or to create CBD products that do not taste or smell like hemp. It is a product that is used by people who are sensitive to certain cannabinoids and in the pharmaceutical industry. Pure Extract CBD offers CBD isolate in powder and crumble form

Both products can be consumed in different ways: by sublingual absorption, by spraying with a spray bottle, by dilution in a fat (cooking oil, olive oil, avocado oil, palm oil) or in another food product, in a food preparation, as well as mixed in a cream or in an ointment.

Flowers and resins 

CBD Pure Extract CBD Strawberry flower cannabidiol premium webshop tetes jar
CBD flower

There is a wide range of flower and resin flavours. Each one has its own characteristics, different tastes, smells and effects. You can therefore choose flowers or resins according to your needs. Some are better known for their energizing power, others for their relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects for example.

The flowers and resins are consumed in the same way. However, they are less absorbable than CBD oil. You can consume the flowers and resins in the form of an infusion, by letting them infuse for about ten minutes in water or in a fatty substance such as oil, soya milk, butter, coconut oil, cream or other.

The flower can also be consumed as a simple herbal tea. You can add them to your food preparations or baked goods. It is best to always mix them with fats to promote the absorption of cannabinoids. You can inhale the vapours of the flowers and resins with a vaporiser specially designed for these products. Be careful not to heat too much, as the smoke released and inhaled is harmful to your health, so smoking is not recommended. 

The ideal vaporization temperature is between 160 and 220°C, depending on the desired effects and the moisture content of the plant. A very dry flower or resin vaporises more quickly and therefore does not need to be heated to a high temperature. The boiling point of CBD is 180°C and for the different terpenes in the product it is between 150 and 198°C. To take advantage of the relaxing and calming power of CBD we advise you to heat it to between 160 and 180°. Beyond that the effects are stronger, they can be effective to relieve strong pains, insomnia or depressive states. The temperature not to exceed so that the smoke does not become harmful is 220 °.

In general, CBD resins have many therapeutic properties to improve your overall mental and physical state.

CBD cosmetics 

hemp cosmetics
Bath balls with CBD extracts and essential oils

CBD based cosmetics soothe, moisturise, repair, protect and relieve the skin in case of irritations or skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis). This category of CBD-based products is wide: lotions, oils, balms, masks, bath bombs, creams, soaps, etc. CBD can help regulate sebum production to restore the physical balance of the skin. In addition to this, it brings relaxation and muscle relaxation.

When you apply the product to the affected area, it can relieve possible cramps, contractures, stiffness and tension (inflammations, lumbago, sciatica, rheumatism, tendonitis, joint pain). It is also effective in improving the recovery of athletes. If you use bath bombs containing CBD extracts, they can help you relax when you are stressed or anxious and give you a better night's sleep for example.

How much CBD should I take?

There is no recommended amount as such, as it varies from product to product, from the concentration of the product and according to the needs of the consumer. 

However, it is best to start with small doses and see the different effects that taking CBD has on your body. Listen to your body and work the product slowly by increasing the dose milligram by milligram. On average, a dose of 25mg of CBD is effective for most people, but the amount may be different depending on your current problem (sluggishness, pain, insomnia...). As you go along, you will find the dose that suits you best. In this way you will get to know your body and its needs better.

I'm a first time user of CBD, which product should I use?

If you are new to CBD, we recommend you start with oils. They are simple to administer, quick and easy to dose. CBD oil works for 6 to 8 hours. To benefit from its effects throughout the day, we recommend consuming it in three doses, morning, noon and night. Start by taking one drop of CBD oil three times a day (morning, noon and night) for one week. The following week, try two drops of oil (3x a day) and then each week add an extra drop to your daily intake. 

Little by little, you will find the right balance of your dosage according to the desired effects. 

Which mode of administration to choose?

The methods of administration therefore vary from one product to another: oral, sublingual, cutaneous and respiratory. It all depends on you and your needs. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method, you just have to choose the one that suits you best.

By ingestion :

By ingestion, the capsules and the CBD mixed with food allow you to know exactly how many grams you are ingesting. Those who are not fans of the taste of hemp generally prefer this method. With this method of administration, the expected effects last longer (up to 6 hours), but take longer to appear (about 1-2 hours). Since the liver filters the CBD from entering your body, it will only allow a portion of the active compounds to pass through, about 20%.

By sublingual absorption :

For rapid effects, while having control over the dosage, we recommend sublingual absorption, i.e. a few drops or pieces of isolate under the tongue. The products will then be directly absorbed into the bloodstream via the blood capillaries located under the tongue. As the oils are more bio-available, they are 4 to 5 times more powerful than a traditional oral intake of CBD.

By air mail

When inhaled through a spray bottle, the effects will be instantaneous within minutes of inhalation and the duration will be limited to about an hour and a half.

At what time of day should I take CBD?

pexels oladimeji ajegbile 2853664

It all depends on the product you choose and the desired effects. Some products will act on your energy, so taking them in the morning or during the day is more appropriate. Other products will give you a feeling of calm, useful during a stressful period or when you have trouble sleeping. Others will have a greater effect on your chronic pain or inflammation and will therefore be used to prevent the onset of these and to relieve you.

Are there any contraindications?

We remind you that in case of doubt, it is preferable to consult your doctor in order to check with him/her the possible contraindications with your health condition and the possible interactions of CBD with certain medicines.

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