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What percentage should I choose for CBD oil?

CBD oil bottle and CBD leaf

CBD oil has many virtues. Scientific studies have shown that cannabidiol has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect. This molecule extracted from hemp helps to relieve chronic pain. CBD oil also has anxiolytic properties. It calms the mind, reduces stress and decreases anxiety. It can also effectively treat depression-related disorders. It is therefore a product with many benefits for both physical health and mental well-being. On the market, you will find different percentages of CBD oil concentration. How to make the right choice?

How are CBD oils obtained?

There are several methods to extract CBD from the hemp plant. Firstly, there is liquid solvent extraction. This method requires the use of alcohol or another solvent such as ethanol or butane. To extract CBD, the plant waxes of the hemp plant must first be dissolved. This yields cannabinoids and chlorophyll. The solvent is then poured over these plant materials to isolate the cannabinoids. The residues in the cannabinoids are then removed by evaporation. Finally, a concentrated CBD oil is obtained. This method is both fast and less expensive. On the other hand, handling the solvent can be dangerous due to its highly flammable nature.

Another method is to use edible vegetable oil (olive, sesame or other) to extract the CBD. To do this, the plant material is first heated. The chosen edible oil is then added and the two products combined are heated again to extract the cannabinoids. The CBD oil obtained is less concentrated than that obtained by liquid solvent extraction. This is because the edible oil used does not evaporate during the process. This process is easy to carry out and also inexpensive. However, the CBD oil obtained must be stored in a cool, dark place so that it does not lose its quality.

C02 extraction is the last method that can be used to extract CBD from the hemp plant. The CO2, an odourless and colourless gas, must first be transformed into a liquid form. This is done by exposing it to low temperatures. Then it is used to release the active compounds in the hemp. These are recovered to isolate the cannabinoids. After the CBD has been extracted, the CO2 used is converted into gas. This method is the most efficient as it produces CBD crystals, the purest form of cannabidiol. Finally, it is mixed with vegetable oils and terpenes to make CBD oil.

CBD oil bottle with pipette

Understanding the different percentages of CBD oil

Each CBD oil on the market contains a very different amount of cannabidiol. This is expressed as a percentage and this information must be stated on the bottle. You will find CBD oils with 5, 10, 25, 30, 35 or even 40%. This percentage indicates the concentration of CBD in the oil. For example, a 25% bottle of 10 ml contains 2500 mg of CBD. If you see a 10% bottle, it contains 100 mg. The higher the percentage, the higher the concentration of cannabidiol in the oil.

Understanding the meaning of these percentages is crucial to knowing how to dose your CBD oil correctly and get the desired effect. For ease of use, CBD oil is sold in a glass bottle with a 1 ml pipette, with a capacity of 20 drops of oil. So if you buy a 10 ml bottle, it contains 200 drops of CBD oil.

To find out the concentration of CBD in a drop of CBD oil, you just have to divide the amount of CBD in the oil by the number of drops. So, if you do a little math, you'll know that for a 10ml bottle of CBD oil with a concentration level of 40%, one drop contains 20mg of CBD. The amount of CBD in one drop will be 5 mg of CBD in the case of a 10% bottle.

For some CBD oils, this concentration is expressed in milligrams. In order not to make a mistake, it is important to consider the packaging of the oil. A large bottle containing the same amount of CBD as a smaller bottle is less concentrated, and therefore less potent. For less confusion, look for bottles with percentage concentrations.

What is the right percentage to choose?

It is important to note that CBD oils with 10% or more can already be considered as high concentration products. If you are new to this product and are planning to consume it for the first time, it is advisable to opt for a low CBD oil. The best way to feel the effects of cannabidiol quickly is to take it sublingually. Put a drop of CBD oil under your tongue and wait a few minutes before swallowing. Start with one drop in the morning and evening. Depending on your needs, you can increase the dose of your CBD oil every 3 to 7 days of use. You can either increase the number of drops or choose a stronger CBD oil.

Experienced users can choose a CBD oil with a higher percentage for more effective results. This is more convenient as instead of consuming 8 drops of low percentage oil, one drop is enough. Excessive consumption of CBD has no serious side effects. It has no serious impact on your health. You may just experience some temporary discomfort such as nausea or a strong desire to sleep. So avoid driving if you have consumed a high dose of CBD.

In addition to sublingual consumption, you can also add your CBD oil to cold dishes (salad dressings, etc.). Note that it loses its properties if you expose it to too high a temperature. So, avoid using it for your cooked meals. Otherwise, wait until the end of cooking to add your CBD oil. Finally, CBD oil can also be used as an application for the treatment of skin problems, including acne, psoriasis, etc.

CBD oil bottle with pipette and CBD leaves

Can CBD oil be used for animals and what percentage should I choose?

CBD oil is not just for humans. Animals can also benefit from its virtues. This product can be of precious help, for example, to treat skin problems of your cats, dogs or horses (hair loss, poor quality coat, etc.).

As far as the dosage of the oil is concerned, the weight of your animal must be taken into account. For example, the percentage of CBD oil to choose will not be the same for a cat and a horse. A more concentrated CBD oil is needed for the latter. But, as with humans, it is advisable to always start with a low dose and then increase it little by little until you get the desired effect.

Finally, it is important to note that the right dosage of CBD oil is important. However, this is not enough to enjoy the benefits of this natural product. You must also take into account its quality. And you should know that a high quality CBD oil comes from a hemp plant which is also of excellent quality. The CBD oils we sell are extracted from hemp plants of North American origin. They are cultivated in the open ground according to the principles of organic farming. This means that they grow without chemicals or pesticides. Buy your CBD oil on Pure Extract CBD for an optimal efficiency and enjoy fast and secure delivery.

Dogs taking CBD oil for animals

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