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Vape pen and CBD cartridges

We offer a range of different flavors of CBD vapes and cartridges of CBD mild, sweet, spicy or fruity. These ceramic cartridges are composed of Full Spectrum CBD extracts (without THC) and terpenes naturally present in the extract. The difference between the flavours lies in the specific profile of the terpenes mixed with the distillate. The vapes make it possible to benefit from the relaxing virtues of CBD while greediness. 

What is a CBD vape pen?

The vape pen is a small vaporizer that comes in the form of an electronic cigarette. This accessory is easy to carry thanks to its pen-like shape. The vape is a method of inhalation of CBD extracts. A vape pen is composed of a battery, in order to have a certain autonomy and a tank that allows you to insert cartridges of e-liquid. The cartridges are presented as bottles of liquid extracts of CBD that vaporize when heated to a certain temperature. Very simple to use, the vape pen is designed to receive CBD extracts. The CBD vape pen offers you the possibility to vary the flavors through a range of e-liquids.

Who is a CBD vape pen for?

The CBD vape pen is for everyone. Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, you can turn to this product to enjoy all the benefits that cannabidiol provides. It is the ideal ally of beginners thanks to its simple and intuitive use, but it can quite suit more experienced CBD consumers. The vape pen is perfectly suited to people who have never vaped before or who have never consumed CBD. Be careful though, vaping and consuming CBD is prohibited for minors and not recommended for pregnant women. If you are a smoker of conventional cigarettes, the vape pen with CBD represents an alternative to nicotine. Indeed, cannabidiol does not cause addiction or side effects.

What is the difference between a vaporizer, an electronic cigarette and a vape pen?

The vape pen is a specific type of electronic cigarette without the consequences of nicotine. A CBD vape pen is a CBD extract vaporizer. It allows you to inhale CBD without fearing the effects of combustion. Vaporization does not burn, but heats the CBD to the ideal temperature to release the terpenes without releasing toxins and harmful elements for an optimal experience. Thus, a vape pen does not generate tar or carbon monoxide because it does not use combustion.

The main distinction between a vaporizer and a vape pen lies in the state of the CBD. To use a vaporizer you need to heat the dry CBD flowers or CBD resin, while a vape pen is dedicated to vaping CBD in e-liquid form.

Is it dangerous to vapourize CBD?

Unlike cigarettes, vape pen smoke is not harmful to your health. CBD has no harmful effects and even helps fight against addiction to nicotine, which is harmful. CBD has been legalized in 2021 by an order of the Court of Justice of the European Union if its THC content remains below 0.2%.

Indeed, CBD is different from THC, the molecule also derived from cannabis that causes psychotropic and "high" effects. CBD is not considered a narcotic and enjoys a legal status because it is not addictive. So you can vape CBD and enjoy its many benefits without any danger or fear of addiction. The vape pen allows you to find all the sensations associated with smoking without unwanted consequences.

Why vapourize CBD?

There are many benefits provided by CBD. First of all, this molecule from hemp has relaxing and calming therapeutic properties. It helps relieve chronic pain and helps reduce anxiety on a daily basis. CBD also has a beneficial effect on the quality of your sleep and reduces insomnia. Its consumption allows to reduce tensions and to optimize your sports and intellectual performances.

The action of CBD that you vapote acts directly on your body and gives you an immediate feeling of appeasement. Inhaling CBD allows a better bioavailability of this molecule because it is more quickly assimilated by the body. The vape allows to feel the first effects faster and thus is a particularly effective way to consume CBD. It is advantageous to consume CBD by inhalation for an optimized experience.

What are the benefits of using a CBD vape pen?

The vape pen allows you to enjoy all the benefits of CBD in a discreet and convenient way. You don't have to wait, your vape pen is ready to use and keeps your cartridge at the ideal temperature. You can easily take your vape pen everywhere you go thanks to its long lasting battery. The vape pen allows a fast consumption of CBD and almost immediate effects. Indeed, the method of consumption by inhalation promotes a rapid assimilation of CBD by the body. By vaping, you need less CBD to enjoy all its beneficial effects. Finally, the ergonomics of the vape pen ensures a pleasant and intuitive use.

How to use its vape pen CBD?

The vape pen activates automatically from the first puff and heats to the ideal temperature your cartridge with CBD extracts. All you have to do is vapourize. Made of stainless steel, the vape pen is robust and does not degrade over time. You can recharge your vape pen with the micro-USB port, or with a universal charging port. No adjustment is necessary, you just have to change your cartridge when it is used.

What is a CBD cartridge?

Known for its relaxing effects and its multiple therapeutic virtues, CBD attracts and seduces more and more consumers. In the form of oil, resin, dried flowers or cosmetics, cannabidiol also exists in cartridges to vaper. It is the ideal alternative to enjoy CBD in vaping. Here is everything you need to know about CBD extract cartridges.


The CBD cartridge is a small cylindrical ceramic or glass receptacle containing concentrated CBD extracts and terpenes naturally present in the plant. The cartridge is screwed onto a vape pen, a small pen-shaped vaporizer that allows you to inhale the cannabidiol. Each cartridge is filled with 0.5 to 1 ml of CBD extract, which corresponds to a dose of 300 to 600 mg.

What are the benefits of CBD oil cartridges?

The cartridges, like other CBD products, are THC-free and do not cause any psychotropic or addictive effects. They offer multiple benefits that maximize the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of cannabidiol:

  • Speed of action: the inhalation of CBD leads to immediate effects, thanks to a better bioavailability and an optimal assimilation.
  • Easy to use: the cartridges are easily attached to the vape pen and inhalation can be done instantly.
  • Convenience and discretion: the cartridges and the CBD vape pen are small, discreet, light and easy to carry. They do not cause odor or smoke disturbing.
  • Control of CBD consumption: the user chooses the dosage according to his needs.
  • Diversity of tastes: the vapotage of CBD in cartridge is not insipid! Each cartridge has specific flavors, created thanks to the terpenes naturally contained in hemp.
  • Absence of danger for the health: the cartridges contain only extracts of CBD and natural terpenes. There are no additives or chemicals harmful to the body. The CBD vape pen heats the product to a temperature sufficient to activate its components and produce steam, without resorting to the combustion process that could attack the lungs.

What is the difference between a CBD vaper cartridge and a CBD e-liquid?

For vaping enthusiasts, a CBD e-liquid and a cannabidiol cartridge are quite similar in appearance. They are both liquid products that can be used in an electronic cigarette or vaping pen. Here are some characteristics that distinguish them.

The level of CBD concentration

A CBD vaper cartridge has a high concentration of cannabinoids. Each refill contains 300 to 600 mg of CBD, which guarantees powerful and lasting effects. A CBD e-liquid is much less concentrated in active substance, since it is composed of other ingredients.

The composition

The cartridges and e-liquids do not have the same composition:

  • The cartridges contain only CBD extracts and terpenes (natural molecules found in hemp). It is a pure product, without additives.
  • The e-liquids are made from vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. These products strengthen the flavors and densify the cloud of steam during vaping. These additives are not toxic but in the long term, they can be aggressive to the throat and lungs.

The cartridges provide greater benefits and are suitable for those seeking powerful effects. Their use is economic, since it will be necessary to use less product to obtain a convincing result.

Our selection of the best CBD vaper cartridges

To make vaping a pleasant and gourmet moment, it is possible to choose cartridges of different flavors. It is thanks to the profile of terpenes mixed with the distillate that we obtain tasty aromas.

Banana Kush CBD cartridge for fresh flavors

The Banana Kush cartridge is characterized by its greedy aromas of banana and lemon. Its sweet taste, soft and delicate is raised a note of pleasant freshness. Its original flavor is appreciated by vaping enthusiasts! Filled with a full spectrum hemp extract, this cartridge offers a remarkable efficiency in record time!

Fruity and woody notes with Super Silver Haze

This cartridge has a unique and surprising aroma: fruity and woody, it reveals notes of citrus and sandalwood while retaining a sweet and suave side. Its taste is different from the classics. To discover, for all those which seek atypical flavours!

CBD Blue Cheese for a spicy and fruity taste

The cartridge CBD full spectrum Blue Cheese is characterized by a smell of pungent cheese mixed with sweet and salty notes of fruity berries. Its flavor is particular and will please the most audacious. It offers an experience full of character! The quality of the extracts of CBD make it possible to benefit from all the virtues of the cannabidiol in some inhalations.

Our tips for choosing your CBD pen cartridges

You are looking to buy the best vape pen CBD, but you hesitate in front of the diversity of products available? Here are some tips to make your choice.

Choosing the right concentration of CBD

Not all cartridges contain the same level of CBD. Their concentration in cannabidiol ranges between 40 and 85%. The more the product is strongly dosed, the more its effects will be intense. If you are not used to consuming CBD, it is recommended to start with a low dosage, then to increase it gradually.

Selecting the right mix

There are broad spectrum and full spectrum cartridges for sale. The full spectrum products are the most effective, since they contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant. Thanks to an entourage effect, the therapeutic effects of CBD are multiplied by ten. Pure-extract-cbd offers cartridges with full spectrum CBD to guarantee visible results.

Choose your favorite flavor

To make vaping a pleasant moment, you can vary the flavors of your cartridges. Thanks to the profile of the chosen terpenes, there are multiple flavors to discover. From the most classic to the most original, you will be surprised by the range of flavors available! If you have never vaped before, prefer sweet and fruity flavors, before exploring the more daring ones.

Orienting yourself to the right size

The cartridges are available in two main formats: 0.5 or 1 ml of CBD extract, which corresponds to 150 or 300 puffs. It is up to you to see what your consumption is: rare, occasional, or daily? If your needs are important, it will be more interesting to turn to the biggest format.