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FREE SHIPPING FROM 60 EUROS(see conditions)

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Buying CBD in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is considered a cannabis paradise. You will have no trouble finding CBD or cannabidiol products in one of the many stores offering them. Buying online is however recommended, as it offers several advantages such as better prices and time saving.


At Pure Extract CBD, we ensure discreet and fast CBD delivery to the address of your choice. You will be able to enjoy the famous bucolic landscapes and the rich ecological culture of these countries. This place is indeed the ideal destination for an eco-responsible vacation. Taking natural substances like cannabidiol to ensure your overall well-being makes sense here.

Just visit our online CBD store to browse our extensive catalog. Make your choice among our cannabidiol derived items. Once your order is validated, we will send you your CBD package within 24 hours.

Bestsellers in the Netherlands

Handpicked organic CBD products

Pure Extract CBD offers a wide range of CBD products of premium quality. Our articles are analyzed by independent European laboratories confirming their quality and concentration. This certification is also traceable online thanks to the number displayed on each batch. Our ingredients come from an organic culture in Colorado. They are extracted from our natural hemp plants with supercritical CO2. This method guarantees optimal purity.

Here are some of our most popular CBD products in the Netherlands:

CBD oils

You will find a complete range of CBD oils including Broad Spectrum and "pure isolate". This second type of cannabidiol oil contains 99.9% of this molecule.

Our oils are offered in bottles with a measuring pipette. It is easy to control the dosage and administration on a daily basis.

CBD flowers and resins

All the flowers offered in our online CBD store are carefully selected by hand. As for their concentration in cannabidiol, it is strictly lower than 0,2 %. They are taken from plants resulting from laborious work of crossing and selection to obtain ideal hybrids. These contain the maximum of CBD and the minimum of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

CBD crystals

This is the purest form of cannabidiol that we offer. It has the same appearance as white sugar and can be used as such.

Our other CBD products

Our catalog is obviously not limited to these few products. You will find all the cannabidiol derivatives and accessories required for its use.

All our products are available for home delivery in the Netherlands. This CBD delivery service is free of charge for purchases of 60 euros or more.

Pure Extract CBD, the best choice to buy CBD in the Netherlands

Get the full benefits of cannabidiol by purchasing it from our online CBD store. All the products like CBD oil that we offer you in the Netherlands are of high quality. Our pure isolate oils are highly sought after, as they are rare due to their high degree of purity of about 99.9%.

Opt for online shopping at Pure Extract CBD to avoid wasting time going from one shop to another. You are no longer subject to the opening and closing hours of the shops.

Our articles also show a very good quality and price ratio. We take care of your well-being and your wallet by offering you the delivery of CBD from 60 euros of purchase. You will appreciate the discreet, fast and secure delivery of your package to the address of your choice in the Netherlands. We commit ourselves to send you your package within 24 hours of the validation of your order.

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