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CBD or cannabidiol is marketed in several forms. CBD crystals (isolate) are one of them. And our website Pure Extract CBD offers them. These products can be used in several different ways to enjoy their many benefits. Buy your CBD crystals from our online shop. We offer high quality products. Our CBD crystals contain cannabidiol with a purity of over 99.6%, from organic hemp grown in Colorado and assembled in our premises in the Netherlands. Place your order. We deliver to to France, Spain, Switzerland and many other European countries. Payments are secure.

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CBD crystals: what are they?

Of the many forms of cannabidiol available on the market, crystals are the purest form of CBD. In fact, they are 99.9% CBD. It can therefore be said that they contain only isolated cannabidiol. It is therefore free of THC. As a reminder, in order to be legally marketed in France, classic products such asCBD oil must not contain more than 0.2% THC. However, this small amount may already be sufficient to cause some psychoactive effects in some people. This makes CBD crystals ideal for THC-sensitive consumers and people who want to consume CBD while avoiding showing THC in their system during a drug test. CBD crystals thus offer a guarantee of 0% THC. They come in the form of a fine powder with the consistency of icing sugar. They are usually packaged in small boxes. As it is a pure product, a small amount each time is sufficient.

How are CBD crystals obtained?

CBD crystals are made by extracting CO2 from the hemp plant using special machines. During this process, no synthetic or chemical products are used that could compromise the quality and integrity of the CBD. This first step results in a concentrated CBD that is not yet pure. It contains many other substances. To obtain the purest form of cannabidiol, i.e. CBD crystals, the concentrated CBD obtained by extraction goes through a purification process. This process consists of purifying and filtering the other substances present in theCBD extract. After this stage, the resulting oil goes through the conditioning stage. This process consists of removing the other plant material (THC, traces of resins, chlorophyll, etc.) still present. At the end of these three stages, CBD is obtained with a very high level of purity. It will then solidify and form small crystals. This is the crystallisation stage.

How to use CBD crystals?

The main advantage of CBD crystals is their versatility. Indeed, they can be consumed in a variety of ways to enjoy the health benefits of cannabidiol. CBD crystals do not have a bitter or strong taste. Moreover, as it does not contain THC, there is no risk even in case of overdose. However, it is always advisable to start with a small amount of the product. Then you can increase it gradually until you get the desired effect.

Using CBD crystals in your dishes

You can use CBD crystals in your recipes. Indeed, it can be easily diluted in butter or oil. You can therefore add a small amount to cakes, pastries, seasonings, drinks, etc.

Mixing your CBD crystals with oil

You can also mix your CBD crystals with vegetable oil such as coconut oil or olive oil. Then you can consume the mixture. If you have skin problems, you can also use it by skin. In this case, simply apply it to the affected parts of your body.

Adding CBD crystals to your e-liquids

Another way to use CBD crystals is to incorporate them into e-liquids. If you are a vaper and like to make your own e-liquids, this is a great solution for you. To do this, you need to dilute the crystals in your e-liquid base. In order for them to dissolve easily, it is recommended that you use a higher amount of PG in your base consisting of vegetable glycerine (GV) and propylene glycol (PG). Next, you add the flavours of your choice to the mix. If you're not too keen on DIY, it's also possible to add your CBD crystals to a ready-to-use e-liquid. In this case, choose e-liquid that contains neither CBD nor nicotine. To find out how many crystals to dissolve in your e-liquid, simply take into account the e-liquid dosage you want. Then you add the corresponding amount of CBD crystals. For example, to obtain an e-liquid dosed at 10 mg/ml of CBD, you add 10 mg of CBD crystals in 1 ml of e-liquid. If you buy a 10 ml bottle, you add 100 mg of this product.

Vaporize your CBD crystals

You can also enjoy the benefits of your CBD crystals by vaping. To do this, you need to get a CBD crystal vaporizer. This device is similar to electronic cigarettes. However, the crystals will not be dissolved in the e-liquid. They are vaporized directly. This technique of consuming CBD is similar to the bong used to smoke cannabis. However, as CBD crystals do not contain THC, this method of consumption is entirely legal. Furthermore, this allows you to benefit immediately from the effects of CBD. To get the most out of the product, it's important to choose your vaporizer carefully.

Using your CBD crystals in infusions

Finally, another way to consume your CBD crystals is to use them as an infusion. However, unlike herbal teas, you should not dissolve it in hot water. Indeed, they do not mix in water. You must add them to whole milk.

What are the benefits of CBD crystals?

CBD crystals have many physical and mental health benefits. First of all, they have calming effects. They are recommended to combat anxiety and sleep disorders. Consuming CBD crystals provides a feeling of relaxation and well-being. These products also have anti-inflammatory effects. They soothe chronic pain and promote muscle relaxation. If you suffer from cramps or aches after sports or physical activities, consuming CBD crystals will be of great help. Finally, CBD crystals can also be used to treat skin conditions. So you can use them if you have acne-prone skin or suffer from chronic dermatitis. However, to make sure you get all these benefits from CBD crystals, you need to buy quality products. We offer CBD crystals extracted from quality organic hemp plants. Our products are of the highest quality for optimal effectiveness. You can test our premium CBD crystals by ordering them now.