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CBD resin (Hash)

Discover our range of resins and CBD hash

We have extracted the pollen from the best CBD flowers in order to offer you a CBD resin of the highest quality. Our Hash is of the highest purity and its high concentration will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of CBD. All our resins are legal thanks to their rate in THC lower than 0,2%, respecting the European law.

What is CBD resin?

CBD resin is one of the best known forms of CBD. It is obtained from the female hemp flowers. The substance in the buds of the female flowers is extracted and then compressed to make CBD resin, also known as hash. The cannabinoids and terpenes are filtered and separated from the plant material to get a pure product. The process of extracting CBD resin involves separating the trichomes from the cannabis plant found around the flowers. The resin is a CBD product known to be more potent than a CBD flower. This is because a large portion of the cannabinoids reside in the trichomes of the plant and not in the flower itself. Depending on the plant chosen, the resin can be fatty, dry, soft or even sticky or crumbly. Three methods are known to obtain CBD hash:

  • The hand method: this is the oldest method which consists simply in rubbing between its fingers the buds of cannabis until obtaining the desired texture of resin.
  • The sieve method: the flowers are crushed and the cannabinoids and terpenes are filtered through the mesh of a sieve. The whole process lies in refining and increasing the heat with a pollen press or by hand.
  • The modern method of "ice-o-lator": it consists in putting the hemp flowers in the freezer and then in a container with water and filtering the whole with a jet. Finally, the water must be separated from the resin obtained by filtering.

The CBD resins sold on the market respect the regulation of 0,2% of THC. CBD hash can contain up to 40% CBD, making it a highly concentrated product with many benefits.

What are the benefits of CBD hemp resin?

CBD resin regulates the level of serotonin. This hormone is at the origin of our moods, it impacts appetite as well as sleep. Thanks to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, CBD will be able to act on the functions of the body in particular by maintaining what is calledhomeostasis, i.e. the self-regulation and stabilization of certain physiological constants. CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system which allows it to have an antidepressant and analgesic effect. CBD resin contributes to overall well-being and good mood.

If you are prone to chronic pain, such as joint or muscle pain, CBD resin can work because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabidiol resin is a natural painkiller. The consumption of CBD promotes muscle relaxation as well as relief from pain. For sleep disorders, it is a good solution. The soothing and relaxing effect of CBD allows you to be in ideal conditions before sleeping and reduces the risk of insomnia, night awakenings and fatigue upon waking. CBD resin is also a good way to fight against addictions such as tobacco. It is the ideal ally for a withdrawal.

How is CBD pollen (resin or hash) consumed?

The first mode of consumption of the resin of CBD is by inhalation. This allows a fast and effective action of CBD which is easily assimilated by the body in the form of vapor. Thus, to consume the cannabidiol resin, you need a vaporizer. You need to heat your resin between 150 and 250 degrees to release the terpenes as well as the different cannabinoids. The advantage is also to benefit from the effect of surrounding thanks to the synergy between the various components of the resin of CBD. This mode of consumption is not equivalent to a combustion and does not create particles harmful to health during inhalation.

It is also possible to consume CBD hash orally by mixing it with culinary preparations. CBD is soluble in fats like butter or oil, but on the contrary has no affinity with water. Another way to consume CBD in the form of pollen is by infusion. It is necessary to mix the resin with oil or honey in hot water by crumbling your CBD extract. Let it infuse for about ten minutes and you can enjoy a good CBD tea. Moreover, the advantage lies in the multiple tastes and powerful aromas of the resin. Consuming CBD orally is less effective than inhalation, which provides immediate effects, but the effects will be felt longer.

How to use cannabidiol resin?

There are different types of CBD resins. Their color varies from light to dark brown depending on the plant used and the method of extraction. The texture is generally earthy and a little sticky. If a resin was very compressed during the manufacturing process, it will be a little fatty.

CBD resin can be derived from two types of hemp plants. Indeed, there are two distinct varieties: the sativa and the indica. The latter is indicated to fight against the stress because it has a calming effect while the first helps to find a mental and physical wellbeing to be in form the day. To make your choice of CBD resin, it is necessary to take into account several variables of which the rate of CBD, the presence of terpenes, the origin of flowers, the method of extraction and manufacture... Generally speaking, the resins of CBD contain between 10 and 40 % of CBD. The higher the concentration, the more the effects will be felt.

What are the most common CBD resins?

Afghan CBD resin

This type of resin will have a slightly earthy and woody taste. You will find intense and powerful aromas for a complete experience. Originating from the Himalayan region, Afghan CBD resin is obtained from fresh cannabis leaves by rubbing the buds by hand. This resin is soft and fresh, with a dark color. Thanks to its high CBD content, Afghan CBD resin is the ideal product to relax.

Moroccan resin

This resin comes from the plant of cannabis sativa. First dried, then crushed in a sieve, the pollen grains and all the terpenes and cannabinoids are recovered before being pressed to obtain a Moroccan hash. The most known resin is the resin Caramelo CBD which is rather dense, of brown color with a sweetened and caramelized taste as its name indicates it. Very malleable, even if it tends to dry in the air, this type of resin looks like caramel as its name indicates. The resin of CBD Caramelo improves the memory and the concentration.

Ice-o-Lator CBD resin

As its name indicates it, this resin is obtained thanks to the process of cold separation of cannabinoids and terpenes present in buds. It is thanks to this method of extraction that the Ice-o-Lator resin is very concentrated in CBD, which makes it a product very indicated against the recurring pains and the anxiety. Its citrus aroma is sweet.