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CBD flowers

Discover our selection of 100% organic CBD flowers

CBD flowers of the highest quality, 100% organic. Carefully selected for their purity, our CBD flowers have a powerful flavour and allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of CBD!

What exactly are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers are natural extracts of hemp that have been dried before being offered for sale. This plant produces two types of flowers: the male and the female. The first type is responsible for ensuring the multiplication and growth of the seeds, while the second type contains and develops the various active substances. In other words, the flowers for consumption are the female flowers. When they hatch, they are resinous flowers with a very strong taste. This is not the case with the male flowers, which are therefore of little interest.

Commonly known as CBD flowers, female hemp flowers are not harvested until they are mature. After harvesting, the CBD flowers go through two more stages: curing and drying. Then, their characteristics and quality are checked to ensure their legality on the one hand, and consumer satisfaction on the other. In addition to cannabidiol, they contain terpenes and flavonoids at fairly high levels. This explains why their taste is comparable to that of marijuana. Marijuana is a narcotic product.

What are the differences between CBD and conventional cannabis flowers?

The main difference between CBD flowers and cannabis flowers lies in their composition, more precisely in their THC content. In fact, to be authorised for sale, the former must contain a maximum of 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol. Some producers even manage to produce hemp flowers that are completely free of THC by developing specific varieties. In both cases, CBD flowers are not likely to cause psychotropic effects. The reason for this is the low content or absence of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Unlike CBD flowers, cannabis flowers contain a high level of THC. As a result, they are considered illegal. Generally, they are consumed for their high. They can cause hallucinations and changes in thinking. They also increase the risk of developing anxiety and vision disorders, but above all paranoia. To prevent these problems, growers cultivate the Cannabis Sativa L variety. The flowers and other components of this variety are virtually free of this cannabinoid.

Why consume CBD in flower form?

High fatty acid content

CBD flowers have been used in Chinese medicine for several thousand years. With various therapeutic properties, they have the advantage of being non-addictive. They also boost the immune system thanks to their high content of essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

CBD flowers to combat stress and anxiety

In addition, flower therapy is most effective for people who are anxious and stressed all day long. They activate the secretion of serotonin, whose role is to ensure the regulation and control of emotions. This eliminates stress and reduces anxiety significantly.

CBD as an ally for good sleep

The consumption of CBD flowers is also a natural treatment for insomnia. Its action has nothing to do with that of a sedative. Instead of putting you into a heavy sleep, cannabidiol works on the CB2 receptor to regulate and balance your sleep cycles.

A painkiller thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects

In addition to reducing stress and improving sleep quality, CBD flowers have an anti-inflammatory effect. Designed to contain a high level of cannabidiol, they reduce bone, joint and muscle pain.

Different modes of consumption for adapted effects

The timing and duration of the effects vary depending on the method of administration. When cannabidiol passes directly into the bloodstream, the effects are quicker to appear, but last less time. When taken through the digestive system, the effects are much more diffuse, but last for a longer period of time for greater comfort.

How is CBD flower administered?

Unlike oil and wax, CBD flowers cannot be administered sublingually. However, there are other ways of consuming CBD flowers that allow you to benefit from their many virtues.

Smoking CBD flowers

Currently, the most common method of consuming cannabidiol in flower form is to smoke them. This involves first crushing or chopping them. Then you mix them with tobacco before rolling them and smoking them like a cigarette. Smoking them with a water pipe is a possible alternative. However, this is not the best method. On the one hand, burning alters the quality and effects of CBD. On the other hand, mixing with tobacco can lead to addiction, even in small quantities.

Vaporize CBD flowers

To ensure optimal bioavailability, the recommended way to consume CBD flowers is by vaping. First of all, you don't run the risk of inhaling substances that are harmful to the body, as you do when you smoke them. Secondly, you will quickly feel the soothing and relaxing effects. In order to vaporise your CBD flowers effectively and get the best out of them, you need a quality vaporiser. Then you heat them up to between 160 and 220°C depending on their level of dryness and cannabidiol content. Therefore, a functional vaporizer is the most appropriate.

Infusing CBD flowers

Generally, hemp leaves are used to make CBD tea. However, it is possible to consume CBD flowers as an infusion. You can customize your recipe and preparation by adding other ingredients such as honey, vanilla, etc. First, you boil water before adding a fat such as milk, butter, etc. This allows the CBD molecules to bind to the water. This allows you to fix the cannabidiol molecules which are fat soluble. Afterwards, you add the various ingredients of your choice and leave to stand for a quarter of an hour.

Making culinary preparations with CBD flowers

CBD flowers are edible. There is no risk of intoxication if you eat them. Like oil or isolates, you can therefore use them in cooking to enhance your culinary preparations. Depending on your preferences and desires, they can be added to smoothies, salads, pastries, etc. They are perfectly suited to all recipes, savoury or sweet. The only difference between them and vaporisation is in the way they manifest their effects. With digestion, they take time to be released, but last longer.