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Discover our Outdoor CBD flowers

Our Outdoor CBD flowers have been grown in the wild, taking advantage of the sunlight and nutrients in the soil, to develop a strong taste and effect. Discover the authentic and original taste of CBD with our Outdoor CBD flowers.

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What is a CBD outdoor flower?

The outdoor CBD flower is a CBD flower which, as its name indicates in English, is cultivated outside. CBD flowers come from the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa). The CBD is very present in the buds of the hemp plant. The flowers are only harvested from female plants because they are the only ones to produce the flower head that contains cannabinoids like CBD. The male cannabis plants produce pollen sacs. It is in the heads of the female hemp flowers that the trichomes are found as well as all the natural terpenes, plant substances and cannabinoids. Hemp seeds are planted in a field in the open air and when they mature, they are picked, dried and sold as CBD outdoor flowers.

The advantage of CBD flowers is that they can be consumed directly without undergoing a processing like CBD oil. The flowers of CBD outdoor are harvested, curated then dried. They are then controlled in order to respect the threshold of 0,2% of THC registered in the European legislation. A quality control is also carried out to ensure the conformity of the product. CBD outdoor flowers do not cause addiction or dependence. Unlike THC, CBD is not a psychotropic and hallucinogenic substance. Beyond CBD, CBD outdoor flowers contain terpenes and flavonoids that give it a strong taste.

What are the benefits of CBD outdoor flowers?

Apart from the "outdoor" method of cultivation, it is also possible to cultivate CBD flowers indoors or CBD flowers in a greenhouse. The indoor culture is the most difficult method to set up because it requires a close monitoring and important means in order to create in an artificial way a natural environment for the plants. Even if this method of culture allows to have several harvests per year, its ecological footprint is consequent and the production costs are very high. The "greenhouse" method lies between the indoor and outdoor growing processes.

Among the three modes of cultivation of cannabidiol flowers, the outdoor CBD flowers have the advantage of generating less cost. However, it is necessary to know how to control this technique which introduces many uncertainties related to the climatic hazards and the harmful insects. The hemp plant can be subjected to drought, hail, floods or even pest attacks that can weaken it and compromise their harvest.

It should be noted, however, that the cannabis plant is rather robust and knows how to adapt to temperatures and climates less favorable to its development. In the mode of culture outside, all the costs related to the artificial lighting, the installations such as the greenhouses, the irrigation, the artificial fertilizer. The flowers of CBD indoor and greenhouse require a huge investment in terms of material to reproduce the natural conditions. In addition to this, the labor costs for outdoor CBD flowers are lower than for other growing methods. Indeed, the plant already has in a completely natural way all that it needs: nutrients, water and sun. Outdoor CBD flowers stand out thanks to their woody and earthy taste. For intense flavors, opt for flowers grown outdoors. Outdoor is the most economical and ecological method.

What is the best outdoor CBD flower?

CBD outdoor flowers can be consumed in several ways. The most common way is to smoke them like a cigarette after crumbling the flower. Otherwise, it is possible to consume them by vaporizing them with CBD flower vaporizers. The process consists of heating them to inhale the vapors and feel the effects of CBD almost immediately. You can also make infusions and herbal teas with CBD outdoor flowers. Finally, you can consume them orally by incorporating them into your culinary preparations. The choice of your CBD outdoor flower depends on your profile and your needs. There are outdoor CBD flowers with a more pronounced taste and CBD content for the regulars, otherwise there are outdoor CBD flowers intended for a first consumption for the amateurs. You can choose your outdoor CBD flower based on its aroma and taste intensity. Here are some of the most famous outdoor CBD flowers:

  • The flower of CBD outdoor Amnesia Haze: this flower has many terpenes. When you consume it, you can take full advantage of the surrounding effect thanks to the synergy between its various components. Its flavor is easily recognizable and very marked by woody and earthy notes. Its strong content of CBD makes it a product very appreciated for fast and effective effects.
  • Skywalker outdoor CBD flower: this flower is known for its relaxing and soothing effects as well as its fruity and slightly bitter taste. Thanks to the balance of flavors, it offers an optimal experience.
  • The flower of CBD outdoor Candy Kush: this flower is resulting from the crossing of several varieties. Its soft and sweet aromas are ideal to support the relaxation and to relieve the muscular or articular pains.
  • CBD outdoor flower trim mix: this is a mixture of several flowers and leaves that are cut and crumbled. all the essential components such as terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids are concentrated and blended to create a powerful product with many beneficial effects for your well-being.

Why choose organic CBD outdoor flowers?

The advantage of organic CBD outdoor flowers is that they have been cultivated in accordance with environmental standards in the wild, in natural sunlight. CBD outdoor flowers guarantee a superior quality because they have obtained the necessary nutrients to develop an incomparable authentic taste. Moreover, the flowers of CBD outdoor resulting from the European organic farming are devoid of pesticides and chemical fertilizers which could come to alter their quality. Its raw flavors assure you an unforgettable experience. No artificial product came to disturb the growth of the plant which has a richer concentration of CBD. The flowers of CBD outdoor bio benefit from darker tints and more intense flavours.

CBD outdoor flowers are the most environmentally friendly and ecological way to grow hemp flowers. The plant is naturally irrigated by rainfall and does not require an energy-consuming system to get the amount of water it needs for its proper development. Even if the duration of plantation, then of harvest is lengthened compared to flowers of CBD indoor or greenhouse, this mode of culture falls under a responsible agriculture and respectful of the rhythm of nature. Waiting for the full maturation of the plant also allows to preserve its unique composition and its intense taste. We count on average one harvest per year and a duration of 6 months of plantation for the flowers of CBD outdoor, from 5 to 15 weeks for the flowers of CBD indoor and from 10 to 20 weeks for the flowers of CBD greenhouse.