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At Pure Extract CBD, we offer a wide range of HHC products. All our products are obtained from our organic hemp plant production, based in Colorado, USA. This allows us to offer you quality products, as well as total transparency as to their origin.

So, if you want to become a CBD reseller and market our products in your store, kiosk, or e-commerce site, call on Pure Extract CBD! 

Working with us means :

  • Benefit from quality products at a lower cost
  • Get delivered quickly
  • Offer certified products in specialized laboratories
  • To be able to choose between reselling our products under the Pure Extract CBD brand or under your own brand
  • Opt for an all-inclusive solution (Packaging, POS, etc.)

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What is HHC?

HHC, an acronym for "hexahydrocannabinol", is the latest cannabinoid to arrive on the market, and therefore raises many questions about it. Close to THC, HHC is initially a molecule found in very small quantities in the hemp plant.

However, the HHC which one finds on the market, and which makes so much speak about him, is a synthetic molecule resulting from thehydrogenation of a molecule of THC in laboratory. This process of hydrogenation is found in particular in the food industry for the creation of margarine. It is what the American chemist Roger Adams was inspired in 1944 for the recreation for the first time in laboratory of this molecule of HHC. Concretely, the process consists in adding hydrogen atoms to a molecule of THC in order to stabilize it, then to heat it, in order to modify its composition and its effects.

The HHC has long been put aside in favor of the development of CBD and THC, which explains all the gray area that surrounds it, and the many questions it raises.

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Is the HHC molecule legal?

The legality of the HHC molecule is quite unclear in some countries. Indeed, still unknown to the authorities, and even to the general public, HHC is not considered illegal in a large number of countries.

Concerning the French legislation, the ministerial decree of December 30, 2021, and the Decision number 460055 of January 24, 2022 authorize "the culture, the importation, the exportation and the industrial and commercial use, of the only varieties of cannabis sativa L. whose content in delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is not higher than 0,3%". Our HHC products contain less than 0.05%, and are therefore compliant with the French law.

At the European level, the HHC molecule is not currently on the list of narcotics. Its marketing and consumption is therefore well tolerated.

Finally, in the United States, the 2018 Farm Bill legalizes all cannabinoids as long as they are derived from hemp. Thus, if HHC is considered in its natural form, that is, as the naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp, then it is defined as legal. However, the vast majority of HHC found on the market is obtained in the laboratory through the hydrogenation of THC or CBD molecules. It is thus a molecule which oscillates between the natural and the synthetic, and whose legalization was thus put back in the hands of the American states. Currently HHC is illegal in the following states: Arkansas, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Utah, Rhode Island, and Vermont; and legal in the others.

What are the effects of HHC?

HHC is a molecule that has yet to be studied to really understand its effects. However, its new development is accompanied by many hopes concerning its therapeutic benefits. For example, a study in 2007 raised its possible anti-pain effect, which could be very interesting in the medical field by allowing to propose an alternative to the more classical painkillers. Another study also pointed to the possible ability of HHC to block the development of tumor cells in breast cancer.

Nevertheless, the effects of HHC are not totally unknown either. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the effects already demonstrated by this mysterious molecule:

  • Stimulation of the appetite
  • Anti-pain action
  • Energy supply
  • Feeling of euphoria
  • Increase in body temperature

Like CBD, HHC also has a general anxiolytic effect, and can therefore be used to combat stress and anxiety. However, even though the molecular structures of HHC and CBD are very similar, their effects taken as a whole are nonetheless distinct.

Trust a HHC wholesaler in Europe

Using a HHC wholesaler in Europe like Pure Extract CBD offers you a very interesting quality guarantee. We offer a wide range of HHC products, all from European organic agriculture. In addition, our teams remain at your disposal to advise you at best, and direct you to the HHC product you need. You can benefit from our knowledge and expertise in the field to make the most of the benefits of HHC.



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