HHC in France: what do you need to know?

How is the HHC obtained?

The molecule of Hexahydro Cannabinol, more known under the name of HHC in France, is derived from cannabis. This molecule was created longer ago than we think. It is indeed in the United States, in the 40s, that the chemist Roger Adams creates the HHC.
Its presence is so weak in the plant of cannabis that its manufacture in laboratory is necessary to obtain products containing HHC. The HHC molecule is therefore synthesized, often from products and plants containing THC or CBD. These products are then put in a pressurized container in order to let the hydrogen break the double bonds carbon of the initial product. This is how two versions of HHC are obtained, the HHC 9R and the HHC 9S.

Is HHC legal in France?

The legislation of HHC in France, as well as in the whole of Europe has not yet been clarified. Some countries such as the Czech Republic seem to authorize its sale, its purchase and its consumption, as an official letter from the Czech Ministry of Health attests. But on the other side of the Atlantic, the legislation seems to be clearer, HHC is forbidden in several states, about ten of which New York, Utah, Nevada or Montana.
As far as France is concerned, neither the European nor the French legislation have pronounced against the HHC molecule. HHC is therefore legal in France, at least it is not illegal, its sale, purchase and consumption are therefore authorized.

What are the effects of HHC?

HHC brings many beneficial effects to its consumers, relaxation is for example one of the most sought after effects. HHC also provides longer term pain relief, helps the body to relax and offers a better, deeper and more restful sleep to its consumers.

However, like all cannabinoids, HHC can cause side effects such as discomfort, increased appetite and some anxiety.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the effects caused by cannabinoids are relative to the consumer, HHC is no exception and you may not experience any side effects.

In what forms can HHC be consumed in France?

To consume HHC in France, you have the choice between various ways.
The very popular HHC oil, for example, which is taken sublingually, produces effects very quickly. You can also season your dishes with HHC oil, the effects will be slower but you may prefer this way of consumption.
You can also consume it via the HHC flowers. Infusion is a very popular way of consumption, as well as inhalation.
HHC resin can be consumed in the same way as the flowers, both infusion and inhalation will offer you the benefits of this molecule.
If you prefer to inhale through an e-cigarette, the HHC cartridges to vapour are perfect for you. The experience will be just as pleasant as if you were to inhale the flower directly.
Not to mention the HHC-based candy, the sweet pleasure to be enjoyed.

purchase of hhc in france

Where to buy or have delivered HHC in France?

The purchase of HHC in France is done as well through online stores as by going to physical stores. However, the online stores will allow you a fast delivery of HHC in France but especially discreet. At Pure Extract CBD, we guarantee you a secure and discreet purchase of HHC and a free delivery from 60€ of purchases.

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