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CBD extracts

CBD and CBG hemp extracts

We offer you a qualitative range of extracts highly concentrated in CBD. It consists of CBD crumble and isolate. These products are produced from organic hemp grown without pesticides in the state of Colorado in the USA. Our extractions are made with supercritical CO2 to ensure optimal quality and perfect purity of the extracts.

The advantage of consuming CBD in extract form is that it does not have the taste or smell of hemp as oils do. Isolate and crumble have unbeatable levels of CBD as they have been isolated from all other materials. This high level of CBD will have an extraordinary effect on your body.

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CBD extracts: what is it?

CBD extract, as its name suggests, is a concentrate of a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant called cannabidiol. The extract therefore contains a very high percentage of CBD, which allows us to benefit from its purest form. CBD extracts can be found in different forms and consistencies such as wax, crystals or powder. The cannabidiol extract is made by extracting the hemp flower with supercritical C02, this method ensures optimal quality and purity of CBD extracts.

What are the different CBD extracts?

CBD extracts can be found in different forms such as CBD crumble also called CBD wax. As indicated in its name, this CBD extract has a consistency halfway between oil and wax. You can also find CBD extracts in the form of a fine white powder similar to small sugar crystals. These extracts are calledCBD isolate or CBD crystals. These different forms of cannabidiol are all composed of a very high percentage of CBD, going up to 99% of CBD for isolate for example.

How are CBD extracts obtained?

CBD extracts are obtained via a complete extraction process of the flower, leaves, seeds and stems of the hemp plant. This process is called supercritical CO2. It consists in heating the CBD oil at very low temperature in order to obtain a product highly concentrated in CBD thanks to the extracts of hemp CBD. This technique is the most efficient and best controlled in order to preserve the different cannabinoid molecules and their benefits.

How to consume CBD extracts?

CBD extracts can be consumed in many ways, which makes them all the more interesting. You can customize your consumption method according to your needs and desired effects by adjusting the dose of CBD and the way you administer it. An extract consumed in a sublingual way or dabbing allows immediate effects, an extract of CBD consumed orally mixed with one of your preparations will allow diffuse but durable effects. For more info on these different ways of using CBD extracts, we advise you to consult our dedicated blog post. You can also create your own products based on CBD extracts like cosmetic creams, e-liquids or by infusion in hot milk for example. The advantage of CBD extracts is that they crumble and mix easily with other textures. It is also easy to use in your culinary preparations. Discover in one of our blog posts A DIY of 3 recipes with CBD crystals.

What are the effects of CBD extracts?

Buying CBD extracts allows you to enjoy the many benefits that cannabidiol offers on your mental and physical health. Since their concentration in CBD is extremely high, you benefit from its effects immediately. Effective against anxiety, stress, sleep problems, pain, Cannabidiol extracts can soothe your pain while giving you a feeling of relaxation and well-being. If you consume your CBD extracts orally in your culinary preparations, for example, the duration of the soothing effects of CBD will be felt much longer thanks to the process of digestion and the hepatic metabolism.

What are the benefits of consuming CBD in extract?

One of the main benefits of consuming CBD in extract form is the ability to choose from a wide variety of consumption methods. On top of that, when you buy CBD extracts, you can concoct your own CBD products. The other major advantage of CBD extracts is their purity and high concentration, which allows for fairly quick action times after consuming them. CBD extracts have no taste or smell and will therefore be easier to assimilate for some people. You can also enjoy the benefits of CBD extracts without fearing the effects of other cannabinoids such as THC because CBD extracts offer the purest form of CBD available. You will not find any trace of THC in CBD extracts.