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Pure Isolated CBD Oils

Discover the best of Pure Isolat CBD oils, premium and from 100% organic hemp crops!

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What is CBD isolate?

As the name suggests,CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD that is obtained after removing all other substances present in the cannabis plant during extraction. CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp. It does not contain THC which is a psychoactive substance, which is why CBD is legal in Europe.

Cannabidiol is available in several products including CBD isolate oil or CBD crystals. After the extraction of CBD by supercritical CO2, all the other components are filtered in order to keep only the pure cannabidiol. This step is called purification. It is specific to the CBD isolate. The isolate corresponds to a substance naturally present in cannabis, obtained through a refining process.

The CBD isolate represents the most concentrated product in CBD. Indeed, the CBD isolate oil is composed of 99% of CBD. All the vegetable matter is removed to have the purest product. A CBD isolate oil must be at least 98% CBD to be qualified as such. For example, in a pure CBD oil isolate at 10% we find 1000 mg of CBD isolate.

What is the difference between CBD isolate and other CBD oils?

CBD isolate oil does not contain other cannabinoids such as THC, CBG or CBN. CBD isolate is also free of terpenes and flavonoids. Its taste and smell are more neutral than other types of oils. Contrary to theCBD broad spectrum oil or the CBD full spectrum oil, the CBD isolate does not make it possible to benefit from the effect of entourage which corresponds to the effects produced by the combination of various cannabinoids.

Some CBD oils may contain traces of THC, always respecting the threshold of 0.2% of THC decreed by the European legislation. The CBD isolate, on the other hand, contains no THC at all. The CBD isolate allows to benefit more quickly from the beneficial effects of the CBD, but its effects are shorter than the CBD broad spectrum oil or the CBD full spectrum oil which act on the long term.

Benefits of CBD oil isolate

Beyond its soothing and relaxing properties that promote relaxation, CBD isolate oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Its consumption reduces chronic pain and improves daily well-being both physically and mentally. CBD has anxiolytic properties that relieve inflammation.

Isolated CBD oil also helps you get quality sleep by fighting sleep disorders. A few drops of pure CBD oil before going to bed reduces the risk of insomnia, night wakings and fatigue in the morning. It is possible to massage with CBD oil isolate after a sports session to promote recovery and reduce the phenomenon of cramps or aches.

Thus, the CBD isolate has a real positive impact on the quality of life. It allows to decrease tensions and to increase your performances and your productivity. The pure CBD isolate oil represents a natural analgesic that reduces anxiety and helps to improve your mood every day. Used as a massage oil, CBD isolate helps fight against skin problems. The main advantage of CBD isolate oil compared to other oils lies in its targeted action and the multiple ways to consume it.

Dosage CBD oil isolate

Isolated CBD oil is often used in the pharmaceutical industry due to its purity. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system by stimulating the CB1 and CB2 receptors that regulate certain body functions. The CBD isolate is particularly suitable for new CBD users because it allows a smooth initiation. Moreover, the CBD isolate oil is not as bitter as the other CBD oils and its effects are more moderate.

It is recommended to start consuming CBD isolate oil in small doses by diluting a few drops in a drink or sublingually by pouring a few drops under the tongue. It is also possible to use CBD isolate oil on the skin. If it is possible to modulate the amount of CBD isolate, it is also possible to choose different concentrations of pure CBD oil isolate. CBD isolate in oil form can have a concentration of 5% to 30%.

You can also mix your CBD isolate oil with other CBD oils or products to increase the CBD concentration. CBD isolate allows for flexible consumption and can be added to various home preparations. Its consumption represents the best solution to take high doses and enjoy the full effects of pure CBD.