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Buying CBD in Belgium

The hemp plant used to be difficult to access. This is no longer the case thanks to Pure Extract Cbd. The recent discoveries concerning the therapeutic properties of this plant are the catalyst of our existence. We have set ourselves the goal of making it easily accessible and popular for the benefit of every person and pet.

purchase of cbd in belgium

Pure Extract stands out among all the companies in this sector for the quality and accessibility of its products. We offer a wide range of oils, resins, crystals and other cosmetics and food products with cbd Belgium. For easy access, we even offer a home delivery service for CBD

The legal trade in cannabinoid products is certainly flourishing in France. However, Pure Extract is a reference in this field. We guarantee the transparency and traceability of the purity and manufacture of all our CBD products in Belgium.

Bestsellers in Belgium

Our many CBD products for sale

Pure Extract Cbd offers a wide range of Belgian-based products available for home delivery nationwide. Each of our products is designed to ensure your physical and mental well-being.

CBD oils

You will find both full spectrum and broad spectrum Belgium CBD oils at Pure Extract. The range goes from fully extracted oils combined with other natural products to oils containing 99.9% CBD. We also offer massage oils and oil products with different percentages of cannabidiol.


As well as our CBD oils, we also offer a wide range of cannabinoid flowers. We also allow you to order CBD flowers in large quantities at competitive prices.  

These items are available for home delivery and are also guaranteed to be of good taste and quality. All ourCannabis Sativa L. flowers are organically grown, without pesticides and with many years of breeding. 

Each person will have to find what they are looking for in the wide range of flavours on offer.

Cannabis resins with CBD

To achieve our goal of making CBD known and accessible to the general public, we also offer cannabis resins. Our CBD resin offering in Belgium is available in wholesale and retail, with home delivery. Varieties available include Lemon Haze,Amnesia Haze,OG kush, Sour Diesel and many more. 

In addition to these three products, Pure Extract Cbd also offers CBD capsules, crystals and herbal teas for sale. You can even find CBD products for pets, cosmetics and cannabinoid food items...

Why buy CBD in Belgium with Pure Extract Cbd?

The prices offered by Pure Extract Cbd fluctuate depending on the quantity of CBD Belgium product you purchase. We also offer a secure payment system by credit card, PayPal or bitcoin. The company VivaWallet secures your data and your transactions on our site. 

Once you have paid for your order, your parcel is home delivery Your parcel will be delivered in a package without any logo or other indication. You will normally receive your package within 24 hours in Belgium. This period can be extended by three to several days depending on your country of residence. 

Pure Extract has a customer service team available to you at any time of the day or night. They will answer all your questions within 24 hours of submission. 

In short, Pure Extract Cbd offers you excellent value for money. Each of our products is certified organic and legal by independent European laboratories.

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