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Vaporizers and vape pen CBD

How to choose your CBD vaporizer or vape pen

The number of consumers seduced by the benefits of cannabidiol or CBD on physical and mental health is constantly growing. It can be consumed in different ways. Vaporization is one of the most popular ways of consumption for the general public. Its only disadvantage is that it requires a specific equipment, an adequate vaporizer. As it does not involve combustion, this process is healthier and more effective. On the Pure Extract CBD online store, you have access to the best choice of CBD vaporizer to allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD flowers.

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What is a vaporiser?

The CBD vaporizer is known under various names such as inhaler, vaporizer or personal vape. Despite a certain similarity in their names, this device is to be differentiated from the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette which is dedicated to vaping e-liquid. The weed vaporiser is used to extract the active ingredients from the hemp, more precisely its flowers previously dried, by heating it without burning it. To vaporise your CBD flowers, you just need to crumble them before heating. The natural hemp extracts are kept at a lower temperature than the combustion temperature, about 230°C.

The use of a weed vaporiser is the most effective method of administering the active ingredients of hemp. On the one hand, vaporisation prevents the inhalation of carbon monoxide and tars, as well as other carcinogenic compounds associated with the burning of plant material. On the other hand, there is less loss if you compare it with herbal tea or fumigation. When the air is heated to the right temperature, it gasifies the active ingredients in the hemp. This ensures that you only inhale steam with active ingredients and aromas, without harmful substances.

Which heating method to choose?

There are two main heating methods for CBD vaporizers: conduction and convection.

Conduction vaporiser

Conduction heating means that your CBD flowers are in direct contact with the heat source of the weed vaporizer. It is therefore the logical choice if you are looking for the simplest, yet fastest system. On the other hand, this heating method has the advantage of providing hotter inhalations with larger vapour clouds. However, it has one major disadvantage: the heating is not uniform. This means that flowers close to the heat source will be "burnt", while those further away will not be sufficiently heated. In order to limit this problem, it is recommended that the material be finely crushed before filling the chamber completely.

Convection vaporiser

An alternative is the convection CBD vaporiser. The principle is to heat the material by means of the air flowing through it. The heating is done in two stages. First, the heat source raises the temperature of the air. Then the air passes through the chamber to heat the CBD flowers. It works exactly like an oven, so there is no need to grind the material. Furthermore, it is not necessary to fill the chamber completely. Less material means more air flowing through it. In contrast to the conductive heating method, convection heating is much more uniform. On the other hand, the steam it produces is less hot and less intense for the lungs.

Hybrid heated vaporiser

In recent years, a hybrid heating method for weed vaporizers has emerged. As the name suggests, it uses both of these to ensure more efficient heating and a more pleasant vapour to inhale. Indeed, the conduction system will allow the device to start faster, while the conduction system stabilizes the heating temperature throughout your session. This has multiple benefits: fast activation, even heating, balanced flavours and battery savings.

What type of CBD vaporizer should I choose?

Three types of CBD vaporizers are available. The right choice depends mainly on the features you are looking for and your consumption habits.

Hybrid heated vaporiser

The desktop vaporiser is the right device if you are looking for excellent quality steam. As such, it is the most expensive device on the market. This mains operated weed vaporiser is designed for home use and not for mobile use. As well as producing a high quality vapour, it extracts the maximum amount of active ingredients from your CBD flowers. You can choose between two models: the forced air vaporizer and the passive vaporizer. The first one has a fan to diffuse the hot air needed to heat the material. The vapour is then collected in a bag before being inhaled. The second has a glass or plastic tube for inhaling the vapour.

Pen vaporiser

The pen vaporiser is a device that has emerged as a result of the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. More affordable in terms of price, it is mainly designed for mobile use, but can also be used at home without any problem. Practical and useful, its main advantage lies in the possibility of consuming your CBD flowers anywhere and in total discretion. This device includes an atomizer and a battery that can be charged via USB. If the parts break or wear out, they can be easily replaced.

Portable vaporiser

The portable sprayer is an improved version of the pen sprayer. As a result, it is heavier and bulkier than the latter, but can still be carried anywhere in a bag. For the smaller models, they fit in your pocket. This weed vaporizer offers slightly less performance than a desktop vaporizer. However, this difference is made up for by the on-board technology and portability of the device. Compared to a pen vaporizer, it guarantees better vapor quality, precise temperature control and longer battery life.

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How do I use a CBD vaporizer correctly?

In order to use a weed vaporizer properly, it is advisable to follow several steps. This ensures the quality of the vapour, better absorption of the CBD and a healthy consumption.

Preparation of CBD flowers

For a successful experience, you need fresh CBD flowers. However, it is essential that they are not soft or too wet to the touch and easy to grind.

Filling the chamber

To fill the chamber properly and cover as much of the surface as possible, it is important to crumble the material well. It is also not advisable to fill it to the brim so as not to interfere with the print.

Setting the heating temperature

To optimise the vaporisation process, the setting of the heating temperature is crucial. If relaxation is your goal, a temperature between 160 and 180 °C is generally recommended.

Preheating of the vaporizer

A weed vaporizer requires a short warm-up time to reach the desired heating temperature. This time should be respected to maximise your vape experience.

Slow and gentle inhalation

CBD vapours should be inhaled slowly and gently. This rule is designed for better sensations and an optimal lifetime of the weed vaporizer.

Cleaning the CBD vaporizer

To preserve its performance, your CBD vaporizer needs constant maintenance. Thus, it must be cleaned regularly. Also, worn parts should be changed immediately.
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